What to Expect When Selling a Home This Summer


If you’re planning on beginning the process of selling your home soon, you should know that the housing market is just as hot as the Florida weather right now. In fact, if sales continue at the current rate, the new homes on the market today would all be gone in just over five months. Average home prices are rising, and the inventory that’s coming on the market isn’t there for long. That means you need to move fast and decide who is presenting a serious offer, quickly. Do you have to try to figure it all out for yourself? Not when you have the professionals at The Beattie Realty Team at your disposal to help you find and buy the perfect Southwest Florida home.


Many people looking to buy a new home this summer must first sell their current house. The current market may be a “seller’s market,” but that doesn’t mean you can just put a “For Sale” sign in your yard and wait for the money to roll in.


1. Set a Fair Price- Just because there are more buyers than sellers doesn’t mean you can overprice your home and still get it sold. Buyers have more information at their fingertips than ever before because of the internet, and you should assume they know what similar houses in your area are going for. If your home is unfairly priced, they will most certainly know it and look elsewhere.


2. First Impressions Count- Because buyers are looking at dozens or more houses online before they even show up to see your house in person, the way your home looks in these initial images absolutely matters. It is recommended to have professional photos done because the first showing no longer takes place when your Real Estate Agent walks them through, it’s when they view the listing online. And, don’t forget about a well-maintained exterior, not just cleaning the inside.


3. Don’t forget the HVAC Unit- A certification from a local air conditioning company saying your HVAC unit is in top shape will make the decision to purchase your home all the more easy for prospective buyers. This is something they definitely want to ensure is in working order and waiting on a home inspection adds time to the entire process, meaning you could potentially miss out on the home you were hoping to buy when your current house sells.


Owning a home in Naples, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach, or anywhere else in Southwest Florida is a wonderful investment both for your finances and your future happiness. The Beattie Realty Team can help you find one that best fits you, your family, and your unique living situation. There are many communities and home options in Southwest Florida. If you want a pool, four bedrooms, and easy access to the beach- we’ll find it. Interested more in being on a golf course? We can handle that too! Contact us today by calling (239) 257-3295 to get started on your home buying journey.


And remember, the housing market isn’t infinite. If you’re already searching for the perfect home and not finding exactly what you’re looking for, you don’t have to settle. Working with The Beattie Realty Team means you’re just one step away from bringing in Beattie Development to build the custom home you know you want, but can’t find in the existing market.